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How to Format Footnotes and Endnotes in the American University Thesis and Dissertation Template

If desired, the student may order bound copies of the thesis or dissertation. Release the entire work for UNCW access only, while at the same time releasing only the following parts of the work e.

Please login with your AU email and password in order to access these Word template files. For more information on AU dissertation and thesis formatting check out our YouTube Channel. Office of Graduate Studies and Research Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC Information regarding submitting thesis and dissertation files electronically. your thesis or dissertation. Proposing A Topic; Formatting; Templates; Submission.

Margins may be wider, but not narrower than one inch. Following this Manual from the beginning will help you anticipate and avoid problems, locate answers to your questions, and spend less time making corrections.

Aside from the American University Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission and Style Guide, are there other formatting guidelines I need to follow?. Responsibilities, requirements, and procedures for the preparation, formatting, and submission of theses and dissertations are described in this guide, which.

Please consult your department s preferred style guide APA, Turabian, etc. Student scans signed title page and merges the page into thesis or dissertation PDF document.

The PDF, "Organization, Formatting, and PDF Conversion Guidelines for Theses, Dissertations, and Doctoral/Lecture Essays," is a collection of formatting items. 1 PC Word / Footnotes and Endnotes Page 1 of 6 Click to Jump to a Topic How to Format Footnotes and Endnotes in the American University Thesis .

Students should be aware that all colors will be reproduced as gray in the microform copy of the thesis or dissertation and take care to choose colors that will convert well to grayscale.

Theses should be written either in the first person singular I or in the third person. We also hope that the thesis format recommended in this guide will facilitate publication of the work in a professional journal appropriate to the discipline.

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Otherwise, the page number should be placed in the same location as on portrait-oriented pages. Letters of permission are also required for: ProQuest requires TrueType fonts, which will retain their look if a reader chooses to scale the document up or down for viewing.

The student will also choose ProQuest index terms and keywords to help researchers find the thesis or dissertation.

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Be submitted in PDF format. The images below give examples of indentation and line spacing for Turabian notes. The year not month or day the student's degree will be granted, and the words American University, Washington D.

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  2. Otherwise, the student should maintain a consistent page-number placement throughout the manuscript.
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  4. If desired, the student may order bound copies of the thesis or dissertation.

A small horizontal line will appear above your notes to separate them from the text, and your screen should now look something like the image on the next page.

Illustrations and tables must be listed in the preliminary pages. The outsider reader, along with the format advisor, spot-checks for misspellings and grammatical problems.

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Abstracts for the master's thesis that exceed words will be truncated in the print index, as will abstracts for doctoral dissertations that exceed words. For acceptable file formats, thesis format university of nottingham the guide "Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission" available at http: All captions and numbering must correspond exactly to those within the text.

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  • If your department requires a hard copy thesis or dissertation follow the Guideline for Department Required Hardcopy for formatting of the program copy.
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Appendix Organizational culture master thesis contains a sample table of contents. STYLE The requirements described in the Manual are derived from standard practice among American universities, libraries, and problem solving vet assistant job cover letter decision making cognitive psychology.

The abstract page should include the title of the thesis or dissertation, centered in all capital letters at the top of the page, the author's name centeredthe word "ABSTRACT" centered and then the body of the abstract left or full-justified. The student should not use a previously published American University dissertation or thesis as a model.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

If you have some notes with superscripts, such as equations, you might have to go through and replace the superscripts afterwards, but in the end you will still probably save time and ensure more consistency by doing things this way. Changes Needed to Word s Default Note Format Depending on your how to write a personal statement for a summer camp guide, you might have to remove the superscript from the note numbers at the bottom of the page or problem solving and decision making cognitive psychology the indentation and medical receptionist cover letter and resume spacing of notes, among other issues.

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These formatting guidelines focus on creating an electronic file that meets the standards of the University and ProQuest Information and Learning. The submission will be unlocked to allow the student to upload a new file with the signed title page and any required formatting changes.

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A microform copy will be sent to the American University Library, where it will be made available to interested researchers for on-site use. File Format ProQuest requires that thesis and dissertation text be submitted as a single PDF document, without password protection, digital signature, or security settings that would prevent printing the document.

Click the References tab.

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Students are required to submit their thesis or dissertation to the school or college one month before the final submission deadline to allow adequate time for formatting review. The written thesis or dissertation reflects their commitment to creative problem solving group activity and creative endeavor.

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Student drops the title page off at the school or college for Dean's signature. The student will need to supply information on a number of subsequent pages. Highlight sample thesis about marketing mix notes again.

Release the entire work for UNCW access only for: The student should review the resulting PDF carefully to make sure that it matches the source document.

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The student must submit the final document, including committee-ordered revisions to the school on or before the published submission deadline. Copyright Page Students who choose to register their copyright with the Library of Congress through UMI must include a copyright page in their documents. Line Spacing All text must be double-spaced, with the following exceptions these are optional, but may enhance the readability of your document: See Organizational culture master thesis A for an example.

Available in the American University Library reference collection, call no.

Thesis and Dissertation Template. Click to Jump to a Topic. Pasting Tables into the Template (3 Steps). Creating and Formatting a Table from Scratch (12 Steps). database, as well as American University's Digital Repository. 1 The University of Maryland Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Style Guide, ed. The university has provided thesis and dissertation templates for users of MS.

Except for the title, which must be in all capital letters, the first letter of each word should be capitalized, except for articles and prepositions. A student's thesis or dissertation will be protected by copyright and may also involve the use of other copyrighted works.

Widows and Orphans It is possible to set Word to avoid "widows mean by critical thinking orphans," which are single lines at the end of a paragraph appearing on the top of a new page and headings or subheadings appearing on the last line of a page, with the content beginning on the next page.

Chapter Four: A table includes written material or data, whereas a figure refers to non? After reviewing the document, staff from the school or college will notify the student if formatting revisions are required or if the format has been accepted.

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Each level of heading or subheading should be formatted in a manner distinct how to write a personal statement for a summer camp the other heading levels and the same formatting used for that level of heading throughout the document. Page Number Placement Page numbers should be placed within the margins, at least three-fourths of an inch from the edge of the page, either at the bottom center, bottom right, or the top right of each page.

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Students may find it helpful to speak with mentors in their field. After the selected time has passed the ETD will be released worldwide.

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All illustrations must fit within the appropriate page margins. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this information during the proposal stage and begin problem solving and decision making cognitive psychology the necessary research to make informed decisions during the submission stage.

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