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The documents must be be officially issued by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office, or the equivalent office that issues official transcripts of records at your university.

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Please refer to the database 'anabin' for information on relevant authorities. Log in to your account using your email address and password.

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Important Notes: This certificate was the most important certificate for me. On-line Application Payment or proof of payment of fee of Tshsfor a Postgraduate award and Tshsfor an undergraduate application letter for equivalence certificate.

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Please do not forget to get stamp on your original documents. Information on the possibility of applying for a recognition grant "Anerkennungszuschuss"including the relevant application forms, can be found at www.

APPLICATION FORM FOR EQUIVALENCE OF QUALIFICATION. I. Particulars of the Applicant:(Fill in the Capital letters). 1. Name (as on Certificate/Diploma). 2. Application Form - for applicants with AECEO/ Aféseo Letter of Equivalency Certificate, Recognition of Equivalency Certificate. Please note, AECEO and Aféseo.

Get in touch with the Tanzania Commission for Universities. Students with foreign qualifications need the equivalent of the Swedish Bachelor's degree kandidatexamen in order to be eligible for studies at the master's level second cycle. You must always submit your documents in the official language of the country where you studied.

A copy of the high school certificate, duly attested (except for the cases where high school certificate is 20 years old, and in such cases, a letter. (in block letters) Examination passed in chronological order (copies of certificates to be enclosed & originals to be Purpose for applying for equivalence: .

Be sure to submit them so they reach University Admissions by the deadline. Change of name If you've legally changed your name, for example after getting married, narrative essay a race against time must provide documentation of this.

To apply under an equivalency, an applicant must do the following: If your qualification is not in one of the lists or is in the left column, a different authority cover letter for teacher librarian responsible recognising your qualification.

APPLICATION FOR EQUIVALENCE CERTIFICATE Copy of the Demand letter of the authority requesting for the Equivalence Certificate. Sample request application letter format for equivalence degree against With due respect, it is stated that I need an equivalence certificate for.

Save your document and attach to your online application. If employed in a field directly related to real estate please provide complete details together with independent validation of this information.

Proof of child birth from the Hospital. However, if you have a diploma supplement, it alone cannot be used as proof of your degree.

The diploma is not recognised by the competent authorities in the country of origin, 2. It was slightly torn from the center.

Q. I need letter format for applying course equivalency to write the letter? Requesting course equivalency certificate from university. Application letter for equivalence certificate · Need format of "Format letter requesting for certificate of employment applying for a cellular plans " "Can i get a sample of salary transfer certificate letter for applying for personal loan ".

If you've uploaded your documents, do not then send copies via regular mail. Just click on "More information" under each programme in your result list.

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Or - here is a list of what we need: I decided to write an email to HEC to register my complaint. What is the Certificate of Equivalence for?

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Proof of child birth from the Hospital. HEC should also digitalize all its procedures completely. Applying under an Equivalency means that the applicant feels they have a combination of education and experience that would be equivalent to the state minimum qualifications, allowing them to teach any class within the discipline.

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  2. Certificates of Equivalence are issued only for completed vocational training.
  3. Welcome to Embassy of India, Washington D C, USA
  4. UAE Certificate of Equivalency | American University of Sharjah
  5. Be sure to submit them so they reach University Admissions by the deadline.
  6. Receiving a torn certificate was heartbreaking for me.

If there is anything more that is required, you'll be sent a message at your account here at Universityadmissions. One of my friends, who is an assistant professor in a Public University in Rawalpindi, applied for this certificate one week before I did.

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A sum of Rs. I had never received any educational document in this bad condition.

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In case of partial equivalence we will let you know how you can qualify for full equivalence. We strongly recommend you to apply for the certificate well in advance. My other friend, who is a bureaucrat, visited HEC regional office in Lahore to apply for the equivalence certificate.

Letter and Application Form for the Issue of Ph.D. Equivalence Certificate - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Copy of the Demand letter of the authority requesting for the Equivalence. Certificate should be enclosed, if not, the application will not be entertained. 2.

If the certificate are in foreign language the certificates should be transulated in English. With trembling hands, Job cover letter images opened the envelope to find that my certificate was also in the same condition.

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In response to my e-mail they agreed to issue me a new certificate only that I had to return them the torn one.

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