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I purchased the OCS study text from Kaplan earlier in the year but thought it was too generic for me.

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However a little bit broader research will give you that extra knowledge and that broader awareness that could make a difference between FAIL and PASS. Another key topic which came up in the Cover letter samples for property manager positions Report was the tendency for students to write everything they knew about the topic, rather than focusing specifically on the question.

And also point out which areas of improvement you need to focus on most and how to go about making those adjustments.

CIMA - Examiners Blog - Operational Case Study Understand what a passing script is. This means it will test your exam skills to date but at the same time should also be quite manageable.

The better you understand the pre-seen, the better you are able to analyse the specific issues that will come up in the exam. Tip 1: Tasks are written to be specific and candidates who simply wrote everything they knew about a topic, whether relevant or not, scored poorly.

  • Tip 2:
  • Business skills Showing good business awareness of the company and the industry it operates within.
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Did each of my points have a similar amount of depth to them? If you want to use an exam simulator, you can head to our website and sign up for a free MCS or SCS demo we give you a possibility to practice a past paper under exam conditions for free.


You need to make sure your answer covers all bases because even if your script scored highly for technical skills, but did not demonstrate any sound business awareness or people skills, then you are likely to fail overall.

But I passed the exam eventually curriculum vitae realizador audiovisual so I know I can get through it if I apply myself and put the hours of work in.

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Review First Mock solution Here criminal law essay questions uk want to review what a high quality answer looks like as well as the best way to structure your exam answer to the different requirements you are faced with.

But also, mock exams help you determine whether the hours you have already spent revising have worked in terms of committing the vital information to your long term memory.

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Mock exams help you with just that. I needed to put some more meat on the bones.

Examiners blog from November Operational Case Study. you will score marks. Thanks for reading and I hope these tips will help you in future exams!. Study advice Examiners blog from November Operational Case Study Browse all the CIMA approved study tools, materials and courses available to.

This is especially true in the SCS exam. It is your job to find them and then write your answer to address each one sufficiently.

CIMA Operational Case Study Pre-seen - Mansako Pre-seen Analysis - May 2018

Try and link the key models in P1 and E1 to the pre-seen material. Ultimately, your report, memo or email needs to make good practical business sense where your boss would actually take on board your advice and act on it.

You could then use this knowledge in your exam to discuss divestment as a possible option when required to advise on sources of funding for a new investment opportunity in problem solving about rational functions growing area of the business You can learn more about how to analyse your pre seen quickly and effectively here 4 Be Able to Identify ALL the Requirements for Each Section of Your Exam In the objective tests you are given a very cima operational case study advice question and a very specific answer needs to be given.

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If your budget allows, I would thoroughly recommend to get your mock exams marked. Mocks, mocks, mocks That whole area is at the core of your success. People skills This is where you need to demonstrate good communication, persuasion skills and an understanding of the needs of others.

Your CIMA case study exam is going to be tough but you can pass it your case study, your exact role will differ according to the advice provided by CIMA. In fact, in the Operational and Management level case studies the. A weekly study schedule for the CIMA operational case study exam which you can provide the best advice possible to your boss in the case.

But in my experience cima operational case study advice what I hear from students, we tend to shy away from completing them as simply put, it is hard. Ethics in particular comes up a lot and is often dealt with badly according to the examiners.

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They are supposed to imitate the real life conditions. Following this guidance is what helps you generate the marks across the full range of the marking scheme. Here are some useful links below that will help you get a head start.

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