Lesson Plan: Carbon Dioxide Trends (9-12)
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What do you think? Find estimated population data for the top 10 energy-consuming countries.

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This is usually a very interesting discussion, and is well worth the time before continuing. Sincethe concentration of atmospheric CO2 has risen from ppm to over ppm as of March, Its judul essay tentang farmasi location makes it an ideal place to collect atmospheric data.

Ask them to consider making the size of the symbol correlate to the amount of the data it represents.

  • The total can be a negative number or zero.
  • Where is the yearly CO2 data shown in these graphs?
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  • After the groups have completed each sheet, they should calculate the total rating for the sheet by adding the positive numbers together and subtracting the negative numbers.

For example: Have students use the data in the worksheet and the provided formula to determine the per capita energy consumption of each country. Mauna Loa Capstone project on obesity Data: Have students place these symbols on their correct locations on the Americas Mega Map.

As a society, we are very dependent on fossil fuels, especially petroleum products. A primary graph will be the estimated crude oil production through This lesson focuses on plotting, graphing, and comparing oil . As a counterpoint to this lesson and activity about one type of fossil fuel (oil).

Direct measurements of gas bubbles in ice cores from Antarctica show that atmospheric CO2 levels did not exceed ppm during the previoussample cover letter for admission to school. While CO2 emissions come from a variety of natural sources, human-related emissions are responsible for the increase that has occurred in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution - Place the dots fossil fuel graphing homework on the graph, and also label the graph with the year in which your data were collected.

When you view multiple years of data together, the obvious upward trend is not part of the judul essay tentang farmasi cycling of carbon between the atmosphere and the biosphere.

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Use the globe to locate Mauna Loa. Give each pair 1 sheet of graph paper and 1 CO2 data set.

Konduri Srisoma, Aronb G. This mirror projects sunlight into a lens, that projects the single sun ray down on the crystal.

Explain that CO2 is an important greenhouse gas that has been linked to many human activities. Formation of fossil fuels - pupils use fact sheets and their literacy skills to prouce a comic strip for the formation of oil and gas Fossil Fuels and Climate Change - cut out and stick questions on the wall of your classroom and have pupils use their fact sheets to teach themselves how burning fossil fuels leads to environmental problems Fuels task task cards - pupils use 20 task cards to assess their understanding of fossil fuels, fractional distillation and the issues surrounding burning fossil fuels.

Would you fossil fuel graphing homework willing to gwt essay more money for cleaner energy?

Ask students if they can name some activities human or otherwise that might add CO2 to our atmosphere — burning fossil fuels, cutting tress, burning wood, volcanoes, all release CO2.

Why do think these different patterns occur in the data? The units of atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements are ppm—parts per fossil fuel graphing homework.

o We currently are highly dependent on fossil fuels for most of our energy graphing activity that provides experience with MS Excel graphing and perspectives. Graphing Skills Worksheets. Featuring Our types of graphs on the worksheets, . Fossil fuels: Include coal, natural gas, petroleum, and other gases (propane).

The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the average score step seven. Have students list the top 10 energy-consuming countries in the Americas.

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Ask students to explain what they see in these graphs. Use the meter stick and marker to draw a large x-axis and y-axis on the graph paper.

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For more, download the PDF. Which country produces the most carbon emissions? Write the Mauna Loa CO2 values from your data sheet on the sticky dots—one monthly value per dot.

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  • Have students list it in the last column in Part 1.

Why do we use fossil fuels for so much energy? Where is the yearly CO2 data shown in these graphs?

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Hydropower green 2. Essential Question: Have students write this information in the third column in Part 1. There is a lag time for this change to show in the data as well. Have students identify the countries with the 10 highest carbon emission scores in the Americas.

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The Northern Hemisphere has far more land area than the Southern Hemisphere, and most of the land area in the Southern Hemisphere is desert. Have students graph the data year should be on the X axis and CO2 emissions on the y-axis.

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Is it in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere? If students are preparing graphs themselves, it is very important that they all use david hayes critical thinking same scales on their graph axes. Procedure Divide the class into pairs.

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  2. This seasonal fluctuation is the natural cycling of carbon from an atmospheric gas to solid plant material and back.

Until that time, atmospheric CO2 had not been higher than ppm. Lesson Plan: Ask students if they can name some activities human or otherwise that might add CO2 to our atmosphere — burning fossil fuels, cutting thesis writing chapter 5, burning wood, volcanoes, all release CO2.

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