Literature essays need six sources and may use in-text citations.

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At the end of the introduction state your thesis or hypothesis for science. Some candidates will find their first drafts are in the 6, to 8, range, while others will reach about Don't stress. However for all essays the body be evaluated based on 1 your approach to how many words should my extended essay be research question, 2 your analysis and interpretation of evidence, including critical analysis and evaluation of sources, and 3 your own argument and evaluation of this argument.

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Start Working NOW! Writing a Good Extended Essay Everyone wants to write a good Extended Essay, but just remember that it's really not how many words should my extended essay be overwhelming as it sounds.

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Recommended Subjects[ edit ] It is mandatory that the extended essay be taken from the field of one of the IB subjects being studied e. If you don't, especially in World Religions, you could end up offending your reader, and I promise you, you do not want to do that.

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How have you satisfactorily answered the research question? You should also spend some time making sure that your word abstract is clear essay focus tips succinct in summarizing your essay. Use the internet to find information but do include books in your research especially if your essay is not on the Sciences. You might want to either reconsider your choice of topic, or make sure you have several people with good credibility in that topic reading your paper.

Outline each subsection of the body.

You may also briefly discuss why your topic is of significance to you personally. The essay must be structured and organized logically with all arguments and analysis presented and developed in a systematic fashion and order.

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Generally, university and academic websites are good sources to refer to. In fact, keep in mind that 4, words is the maximum word count and not where you must get to.

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Your extended essay will be assessed in part according to the extent to which the essay appropriately addresses and develops the specific research question. Getting Started Firstly, find a topic you're actually interested in, or you'll never work on it. Be skeptical in your use of the internet.

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Clearly identify the research question and thesis as such. There are "general" and "subject-specific" criteria, at a ratio of 2: What case study on pollution of river ganga you have done better in the essay?

Extended essay - Wikipedia They just want to see that you can work on and complete a big project. Getting Started Firstly, find a topic you're actually interested in, or you'll never work on it.

While the Extended Essay has the potential to make you hate your own topic as many academic assignments doan interest in the topic can motivate you to pull through in the end. Do not allow careless grammatical and spelling errors to lower your grade.

What is in the word count for the extended essay (EE)?? EEs are traditionally the longest ones, and should aim for that - word count window. I just started my Extended Essay but I'm a little confused about something. I feel that my introduction might be a little too long as I'm at

Many students are appalled at the sheer number of words that this task requires. At best, you can achieve 3 bonus points towards your IB diploma, so don't ignore your schoolwork, as your courses are worth much more. However, some topics - mathematics among them - how many words should my extended essay be require only 2, words to fully investigate them.

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What are the new questions and unresolved questions which have arisen from your research and analysis? The essay must look neat and not sloppy.

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If the above example does not apply to you, perhaps ask your IB Coordinator for examples from students past. Check the official Extended Essay guidelines for more on this - it offers sample essay titles along with title choosing advice and essay titles to avoid for each subject area.

You need to plan this section carefully so that you are able to present your arguments in an organized, structured, convincing body which is constructed upon evidence.

You need at least 15 sources, five of which must be articles from scholarly journals.

Your extended essay must my body is my own business essay analysis each of the following questions. Paragraphs must be topical, readable, and of reasonable length. What are the central arguments you will make to defend your thesis?

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Failure to my body is my own business essay analysis an Extended Essay will result in no diploma being awarded. What evidence will you present to support your arguments and thesis? Essay Competitions Find out if there are competitions or scholarship opportunities in which you can enter your essay.

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News sources are generally reliable, but be sure to stay away from "gossip" media which often contorts the truth. All history essay how many words should my extended essay be must follow the Chicago Style Guide.

The Extended Essay (EE) is one of the requirements of the IB Diploma topic as long as there is a subject teacher in school, as the candidate must have a. Before starting work on the extended essay, students should: . An abstract not exceeding words must be included with the essay submitted. many different sources, including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, emails, internet.

The entire essay must be a response to your research question and a coherent, organized, structured, logical, critical, in-depth examination and defense of your thesis. It is written on a freely-chosen topic as long as there is a subject teacher in school, as the candidate must have a subject supervisor. Although this is stated in the "General Requirements" for the Extended Essay, I feel it is necessary to repeat: Do not use run-on sentences and paragraphs that are too long and attempt to treat too many topics.

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Concisely restate your key points and discuss the broader implications of the thesis. This is more than a summary.

The thin layer of gases that envelops the Earth is held in place by the planet's gravity.

Introduction What is your research question? Why is the research question significant and worthy of study?

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Citing Sources Keep legible, consistent and accurate notes that include bibliographic information. What are the topical subsections of your body? It must also be consistent with the thesis and its explanation and development presented in the essay.

Technically speaking the Extended Essay has a word *limit* of be the absolute minimum, but you should aim to go above in my opinion. The IB doesn't really care how much you write with those subjects, so I. Are words for introduction too much for an IB extended essay? What is the minimum word count for an essay? This upper limit does not include.

So aim high! How does each subsection build upon the previous subsection and lead up to the next?

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