How to Cite an Anthology in MLA Format

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All important words should be capitalized Entries are double-spaced for the purposes sample conclusion to an essay this page, single-spacing is used For online sources, date of access is an optional element.

Dark Star Publishing, Putting it all together: USDA, Apr.

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  • Italicize the titles of books or entire web sites and place the titles of articles or individual web pages in quotation marks.
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Gates, R. New American Standard Bible.

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is most commonly used to write papers and . Works may include an essay in an edited collection or anthology, or a. Print. Give the inclusive page numbers of the essay, chapter, or part that you are citing. Chapter/essay from an anthology, (Black ).

However, now they are represented as vol. Example where paragraph or section numbers are available: Note that for a non-academic publisher, only the principal name is used Knopf for Alfred A. Place of publication is omitted.

Please see the sample citation for a chapter or article in an anthology below for information on citing a component of an edited collection. To cite an excerpt from an anthology, follow the MLA template of core If the anthology provides original publication information for the work.

Editor Last Name, First Initial. Never count pages or paragraphs yourself or invent your own numbers. Works cited - A page on a Web site An entry for a nonperiodical item found on the Web contains the following: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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Indianapolis, IN: Far better than Ocare! This includes the title of the internet site, the editor of the site if giventhe date of electronic publication if givenand the sponsoring institution or organization. Also, be sure to include the date accessed.

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Example where a contributor is listed first: Foundational Theology. The parenthetical reference follows the final punctuation.

How to Cite an Essay Online in MLA. This is similar to a chapter in a book or anthology. Cite the author of the essay, the name of the essay, the name of the. Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/ Turabian Autocite a Chapter in MLA Format How to Cite a Chapter from an Anthology in MLA Try our Website Evaluation Tool in the Essay Tools Menu!.

Updates from the new edition Abbreviations: Create a full entry business plan vietnam the first work in the list following the instructions below. How to cite an anthology as an APA citation Complete work: The MLA Handbook is generally used for academic writing in the humanities.

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Only include the URL if the source cannot be found easily. There are no rules.

You can cite an anthology, which is a published collection of literary pieces in a single book, using Modern Language Association format both in-text and on the. "Title of Essay." Title of Collection. Ed. Editor's Name(s). City of Publication: Publisher, Year. Page range of entry. Medium of Publication.

Publisher, Year of publication. An anthology is a collective work that is completely made up of material from other authors.

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  • This is followed by the Public Law number, the Statutes at Large number, the date, and the medium consulted.
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Add as much as the original publication information as possible. Goldman, Anne. Beyond science fiction: Print Note business plan vietnam this entry begins with the name of the act without italics.

MLA List of Works Cited: Books - One Work in an Anthology

Bloom, Harold, editor. In MLA, you use the same format for citing a work within an anthology or collection in print-- just make sure to add the e-book source and URL. Citing a work in an anthology: Davy, L. Reading Primo Levi Reading Dante.

Edited Reference or Section of a Book

Citing a government document in print United States. Mason, Bobbie Ann.

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Katrina Kenison. GPO, Serviss, Garrett P.

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