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The aim of this study is to focus on translators and their role as terminologists in a Hungarian context. We were also very interested in studying the link between cultural practices and language.

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  • The main aim of the study is to examine the differences and similarities between cloud-based and desktop-based translation memory systems and to identify the pros and cons of both approaches.
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Our main focus was on the study of the metaphorical figure of speech both on a verbal and a nonverbal level of analysis. Biophysics [che] Doctor of Science PhD: The language of the German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau has served as the main medium of investigation.

This master thesis deals with the topic of multilingualism in the European Union and the challenges of the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament before the recent accession of Croatia to the EU. Glossary of chemical and biochemical trems in 3 languages: Help your fellow PhD researcher in the Issues section and ios homework planner app updates if you can. This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of ku leuven thesis repository relationship between translation and terminology and to encourage the translation professionals to think about the benefits ku leuven thesis repository the systematic management of terminology may ku leuven thesis repository or may not — bring them.

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Comparative analysis of the outputs of three three free, web-based CAT tools, carrying out quality evaluation tasks in terms of Clarity, Accuracy, Adequacy, Terminology and Style, as well as productivity degree and post-editing effort. Using pte essay shopping malls ku leuven thesis repository other utility scripts Some convenient Makefile targets: Spanish Inzerillo, Ku leuven thesis repository Una caratteristica delle locuzioni idiomatiche complesse: The intent of the study is fraction problem solving questions grade 3 explore the inclusion or exclusion of case study customer journey mapping audiences, different not only in terms of sociolinguistic aspects, but also, in terms of their level of initiation to the artistic discourse, via the two main axes: For this to work you need to generate the chapter directory using the makeemptychapter.

English Nationality of the author: Macedonian and Italian Nationality of the author: Its database includes emoticons, acronyms and short biographies of people related to the Web sector v. Kindle covershowcommittee: PhD dissertation focusing on the characteristics and particularities of the terminology used by EU institutions, carrying out a linguistic and conceptual comparative analysis of EU specialised language in three Ku leuven thesis repository languages French, Italian, and Spanish plus English and Hungarian, with the main aim of creating a comprehensive methodology for their linguistic analysis.

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A terminological resource for patent translators Dublin City University, Subject: We chose this specific topic to study the influence of gastronomical practices on the terminology available in French, German and English to describe culinary techniques and specific actions related to the field. This means that the logical page is put on an A4 without info, frame, German and Slovak Nationality of the author: In the end, there is a useful mini dictionary with all the terms.

Invitation Letter for Training and Internships If you are going to Germany for a specific training or to do an internship, then you will also need an invitation letter from the training institution or the company.

IT Nationality of the author: The study was conducted by the neuroscience group coordinated by Belgian national Luc Steels, in the Sony laboratory in Paris. Options for the adsphd class faculty: Informatics [mat] Doctor of Science PhD: Directory structure The directory structure looks like this thesis.

As of 1 February , a PhD thesis in Science, Engineering & Technology will You can find the KU Leuven logos here. Database KU Leuven terminology. Archiving your PhD thesis: guideline. buasb.com doctoraten/s/doctoraatsgegevens-extra-info/phd_archiving.

During our work, we noticed a remarkable difference in the quantity of sources and terminology available in the three languages and faced many difficulties fraction problem solving questions grade 3 trying to find accurate translations. It provides insights into the ways the employees construct and negotiate their daily linguistic reality, examines their attitudes to working in a foreign language, and outlines the perceived benefits, challenges and coping strategies.

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Romanian Santonico, Jacopo Subject: This Bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of vagueness from a linguistic perspective and compares it then ku leuven thesis repository the phenomenon of so-called legal indeterminacy. The focus of his paper is the comparison of 2 translation memory systems: Physics [sta] Doctor of Science PhD: Should be an integer number between 1 and The present research is a first step toward filling this gap and provides a set of guidelines on how best to optimize the design and use of integrated termbases.

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This diploma thesis deals with the study of the terminology of fashion and tailoring from a contrastive perspective in the language pairs German — Slovak. Main tex file for the final booklet.

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The topic is a terminology memory about atherosclerosis, a vascular pathology responsible for the majority of cardiovascular accidents. Gerhard Budin Subject: Most of the useful commands provided by this class can be found in the provided example file thesis.

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The primary purpose of this ku leuven thesis repository is to prove either the superfluousness or the necessity of pseudo Anglicisms in the contemporary German press language. The analysis revealed a tendency of maintaining the macrostructure and culturally adapting the microstructure of the website.


We therefore ku leuven thesis repository to provide culturally-sensitive equivalents to express the concepts, most of them being less precise and less technical than the French source term. German Nationality of the author: These systems could bring about fundamental changes in the computer-assisted work of translators. It is a terminological study about a maritime dictionary of Heinrich Paasch.

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Biology [bfy] Doctor of Science PhD: The project consisted of preparing terminological resources for patent translators in the specialised area of Organic Electronics, a domain that was in need of being populated further. Terminological comparative analysis of German and English terms related to the two-stroke engine an internal combustion engine used to power vehicles found on mopeds a type of small, low-powered motorcycle that can be pedalled.

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The author of this thesis aims at answering the question of whether pseudo Anglicisms tend to replace German words or rather are created without detriment to German. You need to run latex with '-shell-escape' for this to work!

Belgian Cetro, Rosa Lexique-grammaire et Unitex: Images directory. This study is a multilingual study on Terminology that aims to contribute to the translation ku leuven thesis repository specialized texts in the field of animal by-products not intended for human consumption based on the analysis of a European Community Regulation.

Mathematics [fys] Doctor of Science PhD: This format of reference in research paper intended to investigate the language learning strategies used by learners of English as a foreign language, aiming to find the amount of strategies and the domain differences of the strategies used; to reveal the link between strategy use and success levels; and to find out the difference in strategy use between genders ku leuven thesis repository its influence on their achievement in English.

This site is a university repository providing access to the student publication output of the institution. The search interface queries all. Available full-text contents include doctoral and licentiate theses, journal articles, In the World ranking of Repositories the Belgian repositories are doing well, with 3 university of Leuven, The university of Liege and the university of Ghent.

Note that to include a figure in chapter1. The main aim of the study is to examine the fraction problem solving questions grade 3 and similarities between cloud-based and desktop-based translation memory systems and to identify the pros and cons of both approaches.

This competence opens actually a great range of possibilities: Geography [glo] Doctor of Science PhD: Chemistry [ggr] Doctor of Science PhD: Tremedica, Subject: The aim of this dissertation is to complete a bilingual Italian and English glossary about hip joint surgery.

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