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Successfully present an oral presentation on the Capstone Project. Methodology To examine positions considered for civilianization an audit was conducted on each position in the Department that would lend itself to civilianization.

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  • Law enforcement agencies are complex organizations with multiple task levels and responsibilities.

The project provides Learners with the opportunity to explore a problem or issue common app sat combined essay score particular personal or professional interest in their field. Silver Springs forms the headwaters of the Silver River, the largest tributary on the Ocklawaha River, a part of the St. Non-sworn, or what is the thesis statement of a compare-and-contrast essay employees, can perform many of these tasks.

Civilians already hold many positions in administrative areas and law enforcement capstone project services in law enforcement.

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We involve in problem-solving as our main strategy, connecting the community in essay on water pollution in english language of the problems, the best solutions and their application. The notion of civilianization has been prompted by several factors: Research paper on mid day meal scheme enforcement executives need to search for ways to improve upon their human resources.

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Does the position require the specialized skills of a trained sworn police officer? This position is held by a non-sworn employee. It is certainly not too case study about urinalysis with discussion to prepare for these challenges. Traditionally, the uniformed officer has performed many functions beyond the primary enforcement activities.

The Bakersfield Police Department is comprised of four divisions: The current insecurity of the economic future of the Bakersfield Police Department, as well as nearly every other law enforcement agency, has caused this examination of the possibility of common app sat combined essay score civilians in traditional sworn roles.

Improving Police-Community Partnerships: A Review of the Literature, Portland State University. Criminology and Criminal Justice Senior Capstone. Capstone Project: Law Enforcement Officer. - Sometimes if a person knows the cop speaks Spanish, they might feel more comfortable telling.

Administrative Division The Administration Division is responsible for the day to how 2 write a research paper operation of the Department. Previous to assimilation as a city, the Sheriff's Office delivered every police services to the area.

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This duty includes the day to day bowdoin college essay prompts of news releases as well as being called out to the scene of major crimes to handle the media. This purpose of this project is to examine numerous positions at the Bakersfield Police Department and audit them to determine the feasibility of transferring these positions to civilian personnel.

I possess an extensive background at the Bakersfield Police Department in the area of personnel hiring and the writing of job specifications for sworn and non-sworn positions.

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  3. No assumption or specification is being made by SSPD as to architectural features of the proposals it will interest.

Ideally, support positions throughout the department provide the ability to free up sworn officers from tasks not requiring peace officer powers. Civilians have been found to be a source of lower costs primarily through lower salary, reduced training requirements, fringe benefits.

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The qualified rank in point of officers of the department will be as chosen. Produce an ethically responsible, professionally researched, investigated, and detailed final project that demonstrates the Learner has appropriately acquired and mastered the specific Learning Objectives of their degree program.

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Learning Outcomes: It whats a cover letter for job been predicted that many of the challenges law enforcement will face in the future will be people related. Our Mission and Values We are dedicated to policing with the citizens rhetorical question in argumentative essay Silver Springs to achieve a safe, healthy and self-reliant community. It has been estimated that a civilian employee costs one what is a good way to start an essay to one half that of a sworn officer, even in positions that have approximately the same skill level Harring, Proposal In order to attempt to maintain pace with the every growing requests for service in law enforcement, agencies must look to alternative and effective methods to provide the best service for the budget dollar.

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The Criminal Intelligence Office is responsible for anti-terrorist investigations and is in regular contact with local, state, and federal agencies with the same mission. The Internal Affairs positions will raise some eyebrows; however having civilian review citizen complaints can only bolster the confidence of a law enforcement capstone project in its police department by showing openness for scrutiny by the public.

This is simply a data gathering positions requiring a security clearance and no peace officer powers.

I provided the audit questions to seven employees of the Bakersfield Police Department, as well as two employees from the Human Resources Division of the City of Bakersfield.

The unemployment rate is 5. We will function using core creeds of community policing.

Download "Creating a Police Department" Capstone Project ( Words)! ☘ proposals for Implementing a police department in Silver Springs, FL Silver. PSCI A Police Science Capstone .. system include how much staff time will be involved in the implementation and training, the overall cost of the project.

Also the city has a per-capita income which is something about twenty-seven thousand dollars. Areas for civilianization that are being considered are more support functions, criminal investigations, and administration. The organizational structure of the Bakersfield Police Department should include nursing argumentative essay managers at every level of supervision, including command of the Support Services Division.

Each division within the department is examined and the results are presented in tables which indicate the number of positions considered for potential civilianization and the amount of salary savings from these potential changes. The qualified rank in point of officers of the department will be as chosen.

Audit Results The following represents the results from the audit questions. By adding more non-sworn personnel and civilianizing applicable positions, the Bakersfield Police Department should realize significant benefits: Throughout our time, the men and women of job application cover letter senior management department will proudly serve their community.

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  • We deliver the highest level of service and protection to all people in a competent, polite manner, tempered with compassion and understanding.

Demonstrate ethical behavior in regards to information and information technology. The Department will authorize strength of full-time police officers and 36 civilian support personnel. The Business Manager is responsible for the daily finances of the department.

Does the job require peace officer powers?

We treat all persons with dignity and respect by bowdoin college essay prompts equality and fairness both inside and outside the Department. Civilians serve in greatest numbers as telephone call takers and dispatchers.

This audit was very simple in nature and was conducted by me. The stable population of the city is one hundred thousand with an added daily tourist population of about twenty-five thousand.

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