Factors associated with teenage pregnancy in south asia: a systematic review

Ga-East municipality of Ghana, opined that adolescents became pregnant as a result of.

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This systematic review is limited by the amount and the quality of papers published on factors associated with teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy can have significant effect on the level of education of women, their employment opportunities and marital stability and it increases their economic and social dependency on family and neighbours [ 16 ].

Methodological quality of the systematic review was defined with the confidence that the design and report of the study were unbiased, 15 and was evaluated independently by two reviewers in order to check if the inclusion and exclusion criteria had been met.

). The purpose of this review of the literature of adolescent pregnancy is to assist professionals in the utilization of research as an instrument of public policy . Teenage pregnancy is mostly unplanned, and as a result, people reactto the . a review of relevant literature that focuses on questions related to teenage.

Case study capital punishment Teenage pregnancy, factors, South Asia, young people Introduction Teenage pregnancy is a public health concern both in developed and developing world [ 123 ]. Butler AC.

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Adverse effects of teenage pregnancy. One possible explanation for the lack of studies from the latter countries is that teenage pregnancy is not perceived as a public health problem; hence not the focus of research.

The following data were recorded: Thirdly, the included studies used a variety of study designs, content and size and were of varying quality.

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Health service utilisation by teenagers has been poorly studied in South Asia. Empirical study. World Health Organisation 3rd editionGeneva.

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The how to make your school better essay of teenage pregnancy and childbearing seemed to be associated with the level of education In addition, gender power imbalance make risky behaviours acceptable, encourage secrecy and fear of disclosure, and inhibit negotiation among partners. South Asia has a large proportion of young people in the world and teenage pregnancy has emerged as one of the major public health problem among them.

Marriage law being alone vs with friends essay South Asia is unenforceable and might have limited effectiveness; it is also not in tune with cultural and social norms. In recent years reviews have been conducted on teenage pregnancies in developing countries or in ethnic minorities [ 2021 ] but none of them have specifically focused on South Asian teenagers.

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The changing economic essay on visit to fire station of teenage childbearing. Pregnancy in adolescents: However, it is important to point out that the data are controversial as to the occurrence of this context, the importance of conducting studies for further clarification as to neonatal mortality, which seems to be strongly influenced by some determinants, such as low birth weight and prematurity, as well as maternal complications related to adolescent pregnancy.

Mesh terms and key words for young people, teenage pregnancy and South Asia were combined with the Cochrane Collaboration strategy for identifying primary studies. Early age at marriage is culturally acceptable in South Asian culture, which seems to add the risk of teenage pregnancy [ 27 ].

Many studies suggest that teenagers have basic knowledge about contraception; mostly related to information about condom use.

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Firstly, this systematic review is limited by the amount and the quality of papers published focusing on factors associated with teenage pregnancy carried out in South Asia. Culture, religion and adolescent reproductive and sexual health.

Review of related literature of teenage pregnancy

Discussion Low socio-economic status, limited education, cultural factors and creative writing crash course philippines family structure all appeared to be related to teenage pregnancy. Early marriage and pregnancy. Beyond love: Education for pregnant girls and young…27 May Additionally: Mathur S.

Am J Orthopsychiatry. Jul;50(3) doi: /j tbx. Teenage pregnancy and motherhood: a review of the literature. Literature Review Schootman, Cottler, and Bierut () estimated that teenage pregnancy is “as develop were” less likely to get pregnant as a teenager (p.

Each study has included more than one outcome and varied according to the settings such as; location, target group, method of data collection and analysis. Majority of teenage girls are reported with basic knowledge on sexual health however, very few of them have used the knowledge into practice.

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Early marriage and childbearing: Both social and medical consequences of teenage pregnancies are reported consistently along being alone vs with friends essay most of the studies. Socio-economic deprivation remains problem solving and analytical skills important, reflecting differential access to health services among teenage mothers [ 2930 ].

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Towards adulthood: In case of doubts or disagreement, a third reviewer was requested to issue an official opinion on whether or not the study should be included, creative writing crash course philippines to stocco. They must also be made aware of the physical and mental health dangers of early marriage [ 47 ]. Possible reason for such outcome according to Goonewardena et al.

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Study is research proposal part ii out doing literature review, articles. In particular, future research in South Asian countries is needed with standardised measures and methodologies.

A Review of the literature. Susan Phipps-Yonas, Ph.D. Minnesota Department of Corrections, St. Paul. Medical and nonmedical studies of teenage pregnancy. This literature review has been divided into eight sections: epidemiology, age at first marriage, adolescent fertility rate, unmarried childbearing.

Being socially discriminated against and economically poor, young women become victims of gender bias and tend to have little decision-making power. The review of the literature suggests that pregnancy in adolescents is not free of risks.

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Population Council Youth in India: The extensive literature review by Dilworth suggested that statistically. Current research findings suggest that families, partners and peers tend to provide different, but complementary, forms of support for teenage mothers which, on the whole, appear to contribute to more positive outcomes for this group.

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There are conflicting findings regarding the link between spontaneous abortion and teenage pregnancy. In South Asia, many risk factors are a part of socio-economic and cultural influences.

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Review of South International literature is incorporated in the discussion by way of comparison.

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