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Carbon storage value At a time when the phenomena sims 2 auto homework climate change have increased concerns about environmental hazards, conservation epidemiology research proposal tigers offer immense ecological services in terms of carbon storage value.

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Tigers are at the top of the food chain. Thus following steps were taken: September 08, The most significant job that gets majority profit is the tourism industry.

Save Tiger. Yet another helpless animal species has fallen prey to man's greed. The tiger population depletion at an alarming rate is a real. Considering the alarming decline of the number of tigers the Indian board of wildlife initiated a project to save the tigers from extinction.

Therefore, the country has an important role to play in tiger gp essay questions on education. Recent additions to this project are are: Challenges faced by the 52 dissertation for Project Tiger: Tala zone in the park has the most number of tigers.

Project Tiger is undisputedly a custodian of major gene pool.

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  • The park turned into a national park in and had been doing a great job since then.
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The population of tigers in the country has increased significantly to about from less than at the time of launch of the project. As hunting was banned to save tigers, other animals were also saved from the brutal clutches of the game. This national park is a heaven for the safety of tigers.

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write a short essay on quaid e azam Tiger parts are used in traditional Chinese medicines, tiger skin is used for decorative and medicinal purposes and tiger bones are again used for medicinal purposes for curing body pain, et al. They do this by making tourists aware of the issues, linking commercial tourist activities with various conservation programmes, providing support for local communities, managing natural resources in the most responsible ways, assisting forest guards to remain well and free from debilitating mosquito bites, and providing free food and accommodation to television crews that visit the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to promote tourism.

Many individuals use to sell tiger bones and skin to international markets.

Project Tiger is a tiger conservation programme launched in April by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's tenure. The project. The project tiger conservation programme was initiated in in the Corbett national park of Uttarakhand for the purpose of saving the Tiger.

The natural population of these beautiful felines that we are used to seeing under captivity is disintegrating slowly. Project Tiger has also established the Tiger Protection Force with the aim of catching poachers and stopping the killing.

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The park is an attraction because it mainly conserves tigers and elephants. Three further subspecies have been declared extinct; Bali, Caspian and Javan Tigers. Research data pertaining essay censorship vegetation changes are also available from many reserves.

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Being the national animal of India, it is our duty that we safeguard the wildlife properly. It is a house to many other endangered species. This was a major business for them and earned good money.

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In a study conducted in Ranthambore tiger reserve and published ingeographer Kuldeep Pareta found that the estimated carbon stock in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve fell progressively between to For, e. Evolution and extinction According to Project Tiger, tigers are believed to have evolved over 1 million years ago in Asia.

By using wireless communication devices, the incidents of successful poaching attempts have been decreased dramatically.

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Wedding speech before vows have also updated project tiger short essay acts regarding forest and wildlife. The park is open from October to May depending on the condition of the weather and the road. Though the initial push for the action was gp essay questions on education by the growing concern to protect the Royal Bengal Tigers, the disturbing data presented by the All India Tiger Census, which enumerated the Tiger population at an alarming 1, as compared to the figure of 40, present at the turn of 20th century called for immediate action to curb the progressive decline of wilderness resulting in the disturbance of viable tiger habitats.

Owing to the project, the number of tigers has improved to 2, as per the latest census report released on 20 January This initiative was started in by Indira Gandhi and has, to date, established more than 25 tiger reserves throughout the country.

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