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Service organization: Berks County Conservancy

"We believe that nature is essential to our quality of life."

Mission Statement: The Berks Conservancy is the leading agent for the conservation of the environment in Berks County.

Service Work: We will spend most of the week in the Community Gardens in the City of Reading.  There are ten gardens, and we will focus on “re-energizing” 1 or 2 of the sites; plus helping to construct 2 new gardens!  We will be moving a lot of soil with wheelbarrows and shovels, adding mushroom compost to the garden beds, cleaning up, organizing, meeting the gardeners and signing them up.

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Meet the Coordinators

Hanna Wasserman is a senior in COM studying Public Relations and minoring in Theater.

Hanna Wasserman is a senior in COM studying Public Relations and minoring in Theater.

Youlia Racheva is a senior studying International Relations with a minor in SMG.  

Hanna was born in NJ, where she has lived her entire life.  That isn't to say she hasn't travelled elsewhere.  Australia and New Zealand for example.  She also does theater in her spare time,  Well, it's not really spare time, it's just what she does. She generally is behind the scenes doing some schnazzy arts and crafts props related things.

Youlia was born far far away in the land of Viktor Krum. She was eventually transported across the Atlantic to the gentle rolling prairies of the Midwest and spent the majority of her early years in the ever-thrilling suburbs of Chicago. She loves cheese, especially feta, which she believes to be the holy grail of all cheeses. She also really likes trees.


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