Learn about and revise hot deserts, their characteristics and the opportunities and challenges that they face with GCSE Bitesize Geography (AQA). Learn about and revise the characteristics of deserts and the effects of human intervention with BBC Bitesize GCSE Geography. The Sahara is the largest desert, covering 9 million km 2. Maths Numeracy (WJEC) · Media Studies · Modern Foreign Languages · Moving Image Arts (CCEA) · Music · Physical Education.

Durum wheat is grown and exported to Italy to make pasta. These stones slow down run off water and allow it time to infiltrate the ground and rich sediments to be trapped in the field.

The following strategies have been successfully implemented in the Sahel: Planting pits are also used to saving private ryan film analysis essay more water around the plant and homemade compost is used to provide a fertility boost for the soil.

Case study: Sahara desert. GT. Geography Teacher The Sahel - a transition zone between the Sahara desert and Sudanian savannas. Explore the opportunities and challenges in the hot desert with this case study of the Sahara. However, the Sahara desert provides many development opportunities. Geography Infographics Set 1 Homework Plus Features GEOGREVISE.

Many of the techniques used have used appropriate technology, which is suited to the needs, skills, knowledge and wealth of local people in the environment which they live. The knock on effects have been good for the whole community. With the local food supply, all food is flown to the base by air.

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Water can be relatively easily piped into the area for irrigating crops, to supply drinking water and for filling swimming pools and watering golf how to write a website in an essay mla, The clear, clean atmosphere and open spaces form an attraction to short-term holidaymakers and long-term migrants. Stone lines — Water and soil management Desertification leads to outmigration in countries such as Burkina Faso in the Sahel.

  • In a new irrigation system enabled it to become an agricultural centre specialising in cotton, a crop that does well in hot conditions provided it is well watered.
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Today only 15 cotton farms remain. The USA is able to respond differently to the challenges and opportunities of a desert environment compared with poorer countries such as India Thar Desert or the African desert bordering the Sahara Desert. Follow Mosquitoes because they live near water turn over stones in the sahara desert case study gcse to collect dew Use animals for food and clothing such as camels.

Today over 30 aboriginal people work in the park, and the park's management is dominated by aboriginal owners.

Aswan-Dam provides year round water for Egypt Challenges of Saving private ryan film analysis essay High temperatures can cause illness or death Healthcare might be far away Hot season is too hot for Tourists Employment in the tourism industry can be Seasonal Inaccessibility People and materials have to travel long distance Often by air - EXPENSIVE Difficult to provide services such as healthcare for remote regions Expensive pipelines have to built To transport oil and has from remote areas Takes 5 days by truck to transport salt from salt mines anxiety literature review Mali out the desert Water Supply Sahara has very low annual rainfall Rivers only flow during part of the year Providing water for workers, industry or irrigation is extremely hard Deep boreholes used to extract water stored naturally under the Sahara Not sustainable due to the supply is not replenished Desert resources are very valuable that new developments find ways of supplying the water they need.

We have even managed to reverse the effects of desertification.

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Barren land has been restored and vegetation re-established so the scheme has been a big success and sustained. Growing crops as well as keeping animals The animal manure is used to fertilise the soil and help the crops to grow Planting more trees This protects the soil from wind and rain.

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  • Over the years it has developed into a thriving business town and leisure resort.

The physical extremes of the climate can be overcome to some extent by using air conditioning for vehicles, houses, workplaces and shopping centres. Detailed mapping and inventory of the country's natural and cultural heritage.

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Although farmers can currently meet the challenges of the harsh environment, recent droughts in Australia have put pressure on the land and water my favourite trip short essay. Nowadays people from the Bedouin have settled usually in the Sahel Region How do they use the desert? Most free editor curriculum vitae then die, and the land that irrgiation was meant sahara desert case study gcse improve is destroyed.

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However, since the s farming in the area has declined to be replaced with housing developments. Tractor ploughing crescents The Great Green Wall The Great Green wall is a planned project to plant trees across Africa along the southern edge of the Sahara Desert to prevent the desert spreading south.

  1. In a new irrigation system enabled it to become an agricultural centre specialising in cotton, a crop that does well in hot conditions provided it is well watered.
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  3. Today only 15 cotton farms remain.
  4. This is a plan to 'conserve the county's most valued natural and cultural resources, whilst accommodating the inevitable population growth and economic expansion of the community.

Many people visit cities in the outskirts Example: A project focussing on Acacia or gum trees is trying to help. An endangered species of pygmy owl how to write a website in an essay mla considered to be particularly vulnerable.

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