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Case Study 2 - Why So Serious?/42 Entertainment The Beast (A.I), Random acts of Fusion (Ford), Human Preservation Project (5 Gum), later in the ARG to become involved in the massive marketing campaign), unique. Alternate reality games are a modern genre of gaming often consisting of an interactive, Live action role-playing games (LARPs) are a major influence on the ARG concept, . Due to the influence the Beast exerted over the form of later ARGs and the willingness of .. "Exocog: A case study of a new genre in storytelling".

Across the spectrum of five case studies, several commonalities and differences emerge see Table 1. As with most viral marketing campaigns, this initial elaborate event gained a lot of attention after players started talking about it. Artificial Intelligence and a planned series of Microsoft computer games based on the film, Microsoft's Creative Director, Jordan Weismanand another Microsoft game designer, Elan Leeconceived of an elaborate murder mystery played out across hundreds the beast arg case study websites, email messages, faxes, fake ads, and voicemail messages.

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  • Players detected this slowly, by noticing clues scattered in the background and investigating the profiles created for the ghosts.
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  • New media are Web and mobile phone tools that allow users to participate and contribute to affinity groups, enabling users to design and collaborate within collective experiences.

The entire public. Alternate Reality Games are specifically designed to tap into the power of collective problem solving through powerful stories and participatory mechanisms.

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For three months, players unraveled the clues to figure out the murderer. The entire electronic sphere. A player can replay the game to apply new knowledge and see other branches of the story, but it is a fundamentally individual game.

'Alternate Reality Web Design': Ian Pottmeyer's article about ARG web design and 'Why I Love Bees: A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming': Jane Sean Stewart's article on the design brief and implementation of The Beast; ' Basic. This article offers a case study of Urgent: aux demandes d'universités africaines, . of first successful large-scale ARG was The Beast, a these is Quest: Atlantis.

Towards the end of the game, players are sent email messages and calls which eventuated in players being invited to a secret events across the U. When interested players searched for her name, a range of sites emerged, including her employer a University and her phone number.

Short Presentation on ARG or Pervasive Game Case Study (in Small Groups). Choose a Case Study from Pervasive Games, such as Killer, The Beast, Shelby. This article offers a case study of Urgent: Evoke, divided into four sections: first, the . first successful large-scale ARG was The Beast, a. effort planned as.

An early asset list for the project contained files, prompting the game's puppetmasters to dub it " the Beast ", a name which was later adopted by players. A team of game designers create the narrative, challenges and infrastructure of the game and then begin to scatter clues. It included most of the aforementioned design principles.

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The the beast arg case study was set in the future, and clues were strewn throughout posters see Figure 2trailer credits and mass mailings. Instead, it is an interactive trailer.

Most of these case studies emphasize collective Beast, I love bees, Last Call Poker, Year Zero, Free. Case Study 1 - I Love Bees/42 Entertainment 42 ENTERTAINMENT List I Love Bees as well as The Beast (the first ARG used as a marketing.

This began the game journey, through the rabbithole of the Web site. Figure 2: The entry site appeared to be an amateur beekeeping Web site, but significant analysis and community work revealed a set of GPS coordinates around the world, and times.

This paper presents five Alternate Reality Game (ARG) case studies which .. often outpace those of the puppetmasters, as in the case of The Beast, where. Lessons learnt from this pilot case study include (i) ARG showed potential as a .. campaigns such as Beast, for the feature film A.I., and the I.

How can widely disparate individuals collectively solve problems? When advertising the show, they advertised the city instead, with billboards, news reports, company sponsors, and other realistic life-intruding forms.

  • The project was funded by Microsoft, and emerged when Spielberg asked for a way to let the audience know the world of the movie before seeing it.
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As a result, they contracted with a game company to create an ARG.

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