ASB Chaperones are volunteers alongside the students, but also play a supporting role to Coordinators and handle the trip’s budget. Chaperones must be Boston University faculty/staff or graduate students who are not union members.

Chaperone responsibilities include:

  • Attending one chaperone training event in either December 2017 or January 2018. We also encourage chaperones to attend the ASB pre-break and post-break celebrations to meet and bond with their trips.
  • Handling the transfer of money for all group expenses. Money will be provided to the Chaperone prior to the trip’s departure in the form of a travel advance. Chaperones on flying trips will be responsible for picking up and driving one of the rental vehicles in the destination city.
  • Chaperones are charged with promoting the “Zero Tolerance/Substance Free” nature of the trip and the standards of Boston University.
  • The Coordinators are the primary leaders on the trip, but Chaperones play a supporting role, assisting the Coordinators as needed. The Chaperone should help foster group dynamics, observe ASB and BU rules, and handle emergency situations.
  • Please note: you cannot be a union employee and chaperone an ASB trip


“ASB is like time-traveling. It allows me to leave my 35 year-old self for a week and remember the excitement of being an idealistic and motivated college student. Every year, ASB helps me remember that young people can change the world.”

— Jeff Murphy (Former Assistant Director, Student Activities Office)


“Serving as a chaperone gave me several opportunities: giving back to a community through service, learning more about a service area, traveling to a new area, and of course meeting some truly inspirational and stellar students!”

-Colbey Ricklefs (Program Manager for Student Mentoring, Graduate Student Life Office at the School of Public Health, ASB Chaperone 2014, 2015, 2016)