Committee Chairs



Committee Chairs are instrumental to the success of ASB. They collaborate with PMs, help to hire Coordinators, and each have a hand in planning a different part of ASB. The three positions for 2017-2018 are as follows:

Public Relations & Advertising Chair: This chair develops and oversees the ASB advertising campaign for ASB coordinators and chaperones as well as volunteer recruitment. This person is responsible for t-shirt and sweatshirt designs, branding, and any other marketing materials. The chair will also operate all social media accounts. Finally, this chair oversees the execution of the Scavenger Hunt during the week of ASB. Essentially, this person is responsible for telling the ASB story in a streamlined and creative way to the Boston University community and beyond

Education & Social Justice Chair:  This chair works closely with the PMs to develop intentional education modules for coordinators and volunteers. This chair is responsible for aiding coordinators in developing educational materials and discussion questions for their trips. This person will tackle challenging and potentially controversial topics and questions to engage the coordinators and provoke thought.

Database & Scholarship Chair: This person oversees volunteer, coordinator, chaperone, and scholarship databases. This person will also work with Eventbrite, Office of Financial Aid and Dean of Students to ensure successful registration and allocation of scholarships. Finally, this chair aids in the coordination of donations, trips, and retreats and is responsible for taking donation inventory and acting as a bridge between parents, alumni, and sponsorships.

The Committee Chair application for ASB 2018 can be found below:

Applications are due by September 10th. Letters of recommendation must be submitted to by September 10th at 5pm.