Registration for Alternative Service Breaks begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday November 20th!

Register for Alternative Service Breaks

If you are UNDER 18, both you and a parent/guardian must sign and return the following completed waiver to the Community Service Center via fax (617-353-9424) or email ( Find the Waiver here.

How to Register for ASB

This registration process allows you to reserve your space for an ASB trip and pay for the corresponding fee. General applicants must pay the entire non-refundable program fee, by Discover, MasterCard, Visa or AMEX at the time of registration. The trip fees can be found on our pricing page and they are also listed next to each trip on the Eventbrite registration form.

*Please note: Upon registration, we recommend that you do not use your browser’s back button as you may lose data and your opportunity to register!

STEP 1: Read over the FAQ’s listed below to familiarize yourself with the registration process.

STEP 2: Be sure to have your health insurance information and credit card information ready to complete your registration. (You will be allotted 24 minutes to input your registration information!)

STEP 3: Registration will open at 9am on November 20th, 2016. Select the trip of your choice, and click “Register” at the bottom of the page. If your preferred trip(s) are currently full, you may select the “WAITLIST” option instead.

For a complete listing of trip prices, please visit our pricing page.

*You MAY NOT register for more than one trip; if you do so, you will be dropped from the program entirely.

STEP 4: You will be directed to another page, where you will be asked to input your personal, health insurance, and credit card information to complete the registration process!

If you are under 18… 1. Download and complete the waiver. 2. Both you and a parent/guardian must sign and return the completed waiver to the CSC via fax (617-353-9424) or email (

Register for Alternative Service Breaks


For more information on Scholarships for ASB, click here. 

Registration FAQs

If I need to return to a previous page can I use the back arrow on my web browser to do so? 

No. The system will not allow you to go back. We recommend that you read over all the FAQs before registering.


What if I register for more than one spring break trip?

Registering for more than one spring trip will make you INELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM and you will be DROPPED FROM ALL TRIPS. (This includes registering for a trip and the waitlist!!)


What is the refund policy?

Please contact if you need to cancel your registration. Time permitting, we may be able to offer you a refund if we are able to fill your spot. On flying trips, we will likely not be able to offer any refunds due to airline ticketing policies.


Who is eligible to apply for scholarships?

ASB scholarships are need-based only. Typically scholarships go only to students who are Pell Grant-eligible or have high financial need. There are a limited number of scholarships valued at $50-$200 available.


What is the promotional code for scholarships?



Where do I key in the promotional code if I will be applying for a scholarship?

Mobile and some desktop users: After you click the green “REGISTER” button, you will be taken to the list of trips where you select your trip ticket. At the very top of that page, click the link “Enter Promotional Code.” Enter the code ASBScholarship and click APPLY. Then select your trip and

Most desktop users: After selecting your trip, scroll to the bottom. Just above the green “REGISTER” button, click “Enter Promotional Code” enter ASBScholarship and click APPLY, then REGISTER.

You must enter the discount code and click apply before continuing to the information page. You will not be able to go back, and you may lose your spot.


How much do I pay if I am applying for a scholarship and how do I use the promotional code?

Using this code will require you to immediately pay a deposit equal to the trip cost minus $200 (the maximum scholarship amount.) The promotional code must be used only for students requesting to be considered for an ASB scholarship (Pell Grant eligible or high financial need students).


What is the required essay for scholarship applications? 

The essay serves two purposes. First, we have a few select scholarships donated to us by alumni and friends of ASB and the CSC. These essays will be used to decide who receives these unique scholarships. Second, if you are experiencing particular financial hardship and are not Pell Grant-eligible, this essay allows you space to provide context that will allow us to consider you for a scholarship. These essays will only be read by ASB program managers and the CSC director.


When will I have to pay my remaining balance (scholarship eligible applicants only)?

Any remaining balances are due by 5 p.m. on February 3, 2017.


What do I do if I have trouble registering? 

Please call the Community Service Center at 617-353-4710 and leave a message, or email with any questions.


Do I need to be van trained if I want to drive for ASB?

Yes. ASB participants who are willing to drive will need to be van trained this year by the CSC through ASB regardless of any previous van training experience. We highly recommend that students choosing to register for driving trips get van trained.  We will need as many willing drivers as possible on each trip.


How can I be waitlisted if the trips are sold out?

Select the “Waitlist” to register for a position on the waitlist. We will ask you for all the same information we ask normal registrants, with the addition of allowing you to list trips you’d like to be considered for. Complete the requested information.

We strongly encourage you to consider a different trip that may not be your top choice. The chances of being pulled from the waitlist are low and every trip is an amazing opportunity to engage with peers and a new community. Scholarships may not be available to students who select and are pulled off of the waitlist.


How will I know if I am pulled off the waitlist?

If a spot opens up, you will be contacted via telephone. If you cannot be reached by telephone, we will send a follow-up email. You will have 24 hours to respond if you are interested in registering.


When will I know if I am pulled off the waitlist?

We will keep offering open spots up until the Monday before Spring Break (February 27th).