Trips by Focus

For the sake of planning and clarity, the Alternative Service Breaks Program groups trips based on the kind of service that our community partners are engaged in. However, all trips involve aspects of the other focus areas because all global problems or solutions involve layers of complexity and interacting systems.

Explore trips by focus area by clicking below.

Abilities: Abilities trips work to develop equality though respect and an open mind while learning the importance of engaging in dialogue with someone who could have abilities different than our own, whether mental, social, or physical.

Animals:These trips will focus on animal rights and welfare, including discussion about conscious consumerism and other behaviors that allow for the cohabitation between humans and animals.

Elders:Elders trips focus on the physical, mental, and societal impact of the aging process.  Volunteers will discuss what aging actually looks like and how to understand elders as active members of our communities.

Environment :Environment-focused trips work closely with community partners to understand the impact humans have on the natural world.  Volunteers will learn about sustainable lifestyles, climate change, and the interconnectedness between the Earth and its residents.

Homelessness and Housing:These trips center around the politics, stereotypes, and barriers that individuals experiencing homelessness have to face.  Homelessness can happen to anyone, and these trips highlight how solutions can be both large-scale and individual-specific.

LGBTQ+ :LGBTQ+ trips explore how gender, sexuality, and personal identity can play into the identity of a whole community.  The service will include many different social issues, such as body image, self-esteem, and the role the media can have in it all.

Public Health:Public health focuses on developing healthy lifestyles through the physical, societal, and environmental lenses.  These trips will demonstrate how vital the recognition of disparities is, and how to tailor solutions to be both effective but also easy to access.

Youth :Youth-focused trips promote the growth and success of children while addressing matters such as poverty, family life, and well-being.